Power a USB connection *from* arduino

Hi all!

I'd like to provide a powered USB A female connector from my arduino-based motor controller. I'm currently receiving 9-12VDC 3Amp power which then gets stepped down via my motor shield to provide 5V to my arduino (and bluetooth shields).

I'd like to patch that DC power over to a USB to provide power only (I have no need for data). Where could I go about finding those parts? Ideally I'd find a USB 2 or 3.0 female breakout board since I need to build a bunch of these, but my searches haven't come up with much.

Any suggestions? Please let me know if I'm conceptually off here, this is still one of my first few projects. Thank you!

Look at the major distributers like mouser, Digikey and Farnell ( Newark ).

As for a break out board look at host shields but they often come with stuff you don't want.
I would also include a poly fuse for a bit of protection.