Power and Ratings for Arduino

I’m working on a flight simulator project using X-Plane 11 and ArdSimX through an Arduino Uno Rev 3.

As a first test, I have a linear analog pot rated at 10K ohms, 0.5 Watt, 500 VAC (obviously I’m not using AC).

I’ve successfully loaded and tried the Example pot sketch, which changes the rate of the LED flashing just fine.

I also have two power bricks:
One has an output of 12VDC, 4A and a connector that matches the power adapter on the Uno board.
The other has an output of 5V, 1.5A, but the wrong connector, so I would need to find or make an adapter.


  • Does the Uno have sufficient power circuitry to handle either of these power bricks so that the 5V rating is not exceeded?
  • When will I know if I need to add power? I think USB power is sufficient for one pot. True?

I’m trying not to exceed specs and damage something.

I’m looking for confirmation that I’m thinking about this properly and am looking at the right numbers.

If its a "real" arduino try stay under the 12 volts as there are simply too many posts about the voltage regulator failing despite what the specifications say for input voltage.
The "clones" seem to do much better in that regards.

My own POV is to stick with around 8-10 volts if using the power jack.
Using the USB as your source is also a good bet if you don't have too many items connected.

Most of my test boards are USB powered (and there are quite a lot of them) but only have one or two items attached and have been running for many many months with no ill effect.

Both would be comparable with the Arduino if they have the correct connector, the Arduino (official) can work perfectly well from 5-12vDC normally. However be very weary of approx 12v + it can shorten the average life span of the Arduino. If using an Arduino clone, go right ahead with the 12v you should have no probs