Power consumption: Nano 33 IoT vs 33 BLE

How is the difference between the power consumption of the Nano 33 IoT vs 33 BLE with BLE turned on an with BLE turned off.

Does anyone has benchmarks/numbers?

If I only want a Nano with bluetooth connection and don't need any additional new features, which Nano would you recommend?

The Nano 33 IoT has BLE 4.2, while the Nano 33 BLE has BLE 5.0. BLE 5.0 advertises greater range, speed, and power efficiency.

Power consumption is really hard to gauge, bluetooth energy use will depend on how much data you are sending, advertising frequency, etc. The datasheet for the BLE shows a normal draw of about 4 - 38mA.

If you just want a Nano with Bluetooth and the best power efficiency , the Nano 33 BLE is probably the best bet.