Power consumption of Arduino Mega + GSM shield + PT100 + RTC

For your information:

Arduino Mega + GSM shield + PT100 + RTC

  • 80 mA: Serial print of PT100 value + RTC datetimestamp every 2s
  • 100 mA-120 mA: the same but with GSM module powered on

I'll see if I can get some power consumption information when tranmitting by GPRS.

What's the question?

CrossRoads: What's the question?

No question, just some information I couldn't find here on the board and I thought to share it with the world :)

That's normal , when the modem is comunicating it need more power.I use a Siemens mc35i and when in use it needs about 1.5A peek Make sure your power supply is able to deliver some Amps

Thanks for sharing!