Power consumption of Arduino UNO wifi board??


I have searched over internet, But i couldnt findout the power consumption of UNO wifi board?

I need to design battery size of my project.


and please tell us your findings.

As far I know the Arduino Uno Wifi is a Uno + ESP8266 module. If you are having difficulties measuring it you can "guesstimate" by adding the Arduino Power Consumption + the ESP8266 consumption.

The Uno itself is not the most power efficient hardware, consuming just under 50mA when running. Also any WiFi device will have some huge power consumption, something around 50mA when receiving and over 150mA when transmitting. That's basically 100mA when your Uno is running and listening for WiFi packages.

How long do you plan to have you project running for? If you plan to run it for a few hours only you can use this boards, but if you plan to keep things running for days (months, years) you might need to look at alternative hardware and wireless technologies.