power consumption on 15 x 220 v ac lines

Hi there , Let me start by thanking U for the wonder of Arduino !
I have started a Makers Co-Op and need to monitor the 220v ac power consumption for 15 plus work spaces
I need to log the watt hour consumption on a monthly bases
Please point me in the right direction

you will need a 15 powermeters of good quality,

Thanx Shooter /
Will these work Product Discontinued – Communica South Africa . Im a noob to electronics and this will be my second arduino project . How do I go about designing the lay out of diagram ?

Anybody else that could also advise

That is what you need, but probably not up to 30A, and not at that price.
If it is only workspaces, try and work out the max load that they will use, then calculate the current.
There must be other current transformers around cheaper than that.

Try this site, specialist in energy monitoring.


Tom.... :slight_smile:


not really much to these things, i guess the price of copper is high

i bet you could experiment and make one all it is is an inductance coil/transformer

the spec sheet you showed said 1800:1 turn ratio

I found this link , What do U guys think ?