Power consumption

Hi, I intend to battery power the board for one of my project ideas, so I measured the power consumption through the DC jack between 7 V and 17 V and find that it consumes ~650 mW. This is surprising given Intel's positioning of the Curie as their offering for IoT edge applications.

I investigated further and find that the Curie device consumes ~165 mW from the 3.3 V rails VSYS and VDD_PLAT_3P3. The DC jack power path has a DC-DC converter to produce 5.25 V and then a linear regulator to produce the 3.3 V. The linear regulator dissipates ~100 mW and the protection components in front of the DC-DC converter dissipate ~50 mW. This means that the DC-DC converter is only ~50 % efficient. The datasheet for the DC-DC converter indicates that efficiency should be ~80 % for this design.

Anyway, if you're expecting to battery power the board, you'll be disappointed and will have to redesign the power supply starting from scratch.

Has anyone else measured their board's power consumption? I'd like to confirm that there isn't something unusual going on with my board.


well teh board its jsut for prototyping is not a wearable. And makes totally sense use a oldscool LDO because its stable and suit many applications.

Its pretty normal to design your own powersupply from skratch becasue there can be so many different needs for your individual project.