Power control: selecting a relay

I need to switch power(110v/3amp) on/off based on information from sensors. I'd switch power maybe once in a few hours.

i came across this 3v relay (https://www.amazon.com/Driver-Module-optocouple-Arduino-Raspberry/dp/B01F1355D2). which seemed to fit the requirements.

But i'm still confused if the above can be ran from the arduino pins or i'd have to build the CB like stated here - Controllable Power Outlet - SparkFun Electronics ?
What is the proper (safe!) Approach?

I just used one like this in my project, it controls a 10A 240V ac circuit and works great.

I powered it from the arduino 5V and GND with the signal coming from a digital pin, I added a MOV too combat electrical interference coming back to the arduino but you shouldn't have a problem with that(I had a manual override on the circuit which caused the interference).

The relay is designed to isolate the AC power from the Arduino.