Power distribution for cabinet locks

Hi guys,

Newbee trying to work a few things out. Got some display cases I would like to put fail-secure locks on. They are 24v 125ma powered and I would like to build a power distribution board connected to regulated switch mode power supply to have them wired to a single box. Been looking at the cctv PCB which is where I got the idea from but would like to create my own. I would like them individually fused with PTCs for safety. Below are the locks I am using and would need to run between 10-16 in total. Was thinking connecting them to individual relays but them thought single relay connected to the PCB would work better.

What does this have to do with Arduino?

Want to run the locks through an arduino

So what's your question(s)?

Want help designing the above mentioned power distribution board


please make a schematic of what want to do.

are you using 12 or 24 V

relay or FET ?

24v, would like FET but have been looking at relay modules and the distribution board currently. Schematic is difficult as I'm not entirely sure of what to do, hence the help request.