Power drain on LCD?

I have a Radio Shack camera and the SparkFun 16x2 LCD hooked up in my project. I added a couple more LEDs and a push button and noticed now my LCD fades to almost off (backlight is still lit) and comes back right away when I disconnect the camera shield.

Is there too much power drain at this point for me to have these in the same project side-by-side, and if so, would it be better for me to isolate and/or supply 5V to the camera shield separately? I suppose now would be a good time to play with my new variable voltage regulator...

Disregard. Turned out to be power interruption at the supply source. Two out of three USB ports on my laptop are dead, so I was feeding a USB keyboard (with extension USB ports) to my remaining USB port and then powering the arduino from the keyboard. Noticed my keyboard flickering out of the corner of my eye which meant it needed to be replugged.

Working fine now.