Power Due only from 3.3v pin

Good day!

I previously posted this:

I was able to find an arduino clone that didn’t have a problem being powered from 3.3v and had a very successful run with it, but now they are out of stock and I’m in a real pinch.

Is there anything I can do (desolder something from board, jumper a wire, etc) to get a standard due to power from 3.3v?

I don’t mind doing irreversible changes to the board, as long as I can still program via the native USB port I’ll be just fine.

I only use i2c, CAN and 2 digital out pins.

I have 5 or 6 boards that can be hacked if someone feels “experimental” and doesn’t mind breaking someone else’s hardware in the pursuit of glory.

Thanks for any help.

If I’m reading this correctly, the VIN pin goes to the LM2734 which can accept a minimum 3v supply? Any thoughts on repercussions of trying to just go through that pin for this?


Update: it looks like the LEDs are much dimmer but it seems to be running the blink sketch just fine for now… I’ll leave it running and see if it dies in its sadness.