power fio with external battery

Hi all, I'm using the fio for the first time. I've got a 6v lead battery at 1,2 Ah with which I want to power the Fio. Is this possible? Which holes do I use, the bat + -? I read in this post: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,53073.msg379242.html#msg379242 that the Fio has internal voltage regulation so I hope I can simply connect using the bat holes (I don't need to charge).

Hope someone can tell me if this won't blow up the Fio :) Thanks in advance, best, d


thanks for your response. I’ve read that page of course. I’m not an electronics expert and from this line on the page:
BAT. For supplying a Lithium Polymer battery to the board.
I gather that the BAT can only be used for Lithium Polymer batteries, is this true?
I just wonder if I won’t destroy my Fio by hooking up a 6v 1,2 Ah battery.

Any help is very much appreciated, d.

Hi all,

I've found the answer. You can just connect to the BAT +-. It's not possible to charge a lead battery. HTH, d