Power for Nano project

My project uses three (3) Nano Every boards and a 3.2" TFT.

I'm considering using an AD/DC converter module for the power supply:

I don't have much experience with these modules (I'm used to building my own regulated supplies using transformer, rectifier, regulator), will this work for Arduinos? The data sheet says the device is regulated, can I rely on this or should I add a regulator on the output as well?


That converter would work but note that that module is intended for soldering to a circuit board. I recommend You to buy a sealed unit instead unless You are a professional electrician.
You have experience building power supplies, mains to low voltage so Yiu likely have the knowledge needed.
Read the data sheet regarding minimum load, regulation range etc. Stacking another regulator to it is the wrong way t go. In such a case this regulator is not the best choice.