Power for pro mini

Today I graduated from uno to pro mini! I soldered headers on the mini, the ftdi board, and it all even works!

However, I am now wondering what is the best way to power this mini once it is installed in a project. Mangle a USB power brick / cable and tie down to the 5v ftdi pin instead of the real ftdi board, or what? That I about all I can think of so far but there must
Be more ways.

I use 5V wallwarts, connect to the VCC pin.
Or 3 AA battery pack, connected to the VCC pin.
Or terminal block like this to accept the wallwart output without mangling its cable, and then 2 wires to the promini

Or a panel mount connector to accept the wallwart cable, then wire to the promini Vcc

Thanks! To be certain, are you talking about vcc on the ftdi (short) side, or the arduino pinout (long) side?

Same signal - they are connected together - buzz with a meter to confirm.
I would use Vcc on the side, leave the 6-pin header free to connect an FTDI device for reprogramming, serial debug, etc.

I recently graduated from Uno to Pro Mini as well and am having difficulty with power sources other than the FTDI Basic breakout, which works fine.
I have tried 12V, 9V and 6VDC wall warts wired to VCC and GND (on the side. leaving the end free to the breakout). Given that the spec on my 5V model shows 5V-12VDC input voltage I don't understand why my sketch won't run when powered from a wall wart. I only get the red LED on the header side of the processor lit, and much more brightly than when the board is operating properly.

Any help appreciated!

Vcc on the side is the output of the regulator - should not be higher than 5V.
Higher than that and you need to connect to Raw to go thru the regulator.

Thank you CrossRoads. I obviously misread the descriptions on VCC vs RAW on a couple of different websites but now all is working as it should.

EDIT: +karma to you ...I don't have a + visible to give you any, maybe because I'm noob?