power is out, but all is ok

well, the wood furnace was over-heating (578 degF) due to no power to run the blower that circulates the hot air, and in doing so, cools the furnace to safe levels.

i got the furnace rigged with a generator and an extension cord, and had the battery backup powering my wifi and DSL modem, all was great.

then the power came back on! :o I didn't even get to enjoy the fruits of my labor for more than 15 seconds after sitting back down. oh well, at least the power is restored, and the furnace is wired back up, though the house is hot enough to breed sheep.


So then sheep like it hot, do they?

Look up TEG, Thermo Electric Generator. Then save up for one while you read about how to not screw them up.

You could transfer heat using Seebeck current but that would take a lot of research and development and cost. Result could be a zero or low maintenance solid state heat transfer system.

Another stove powered solution would use a Stirling motor to drive a fan or pump....

A TEG that can run a 12V fan shouldn't cost too much but no, that won't blow enough air to cool a house furnace. TEG's can only take so much temperature too.

Does the furnace system heat water or air? How does it get wood? Is it a pellet burner?

My Father grew up in Ashland, near Masardis. In the 20's and into the 30's the house heat was the kitchen stove and the fireplace. That was it. People wore more clothes inside back then.

How many Watts is the furnace blower rated? What rating breaker is it on? That will be more than startup.

It'd be more efficient to power the fan with a heat engine built into the furnace itself, no mucking about with electric generation and motor losses.

There's the burn box and then there should be an upper chamber that has an air inlet and a catalyst wire or mesh. The fumes from the burn box finish up there which makes a righteous high heat. At least it does in furnaces that have them. That's how 2 drum burners all work too, DIY and commercial.

A newer furnace could save you a few cords of wood, something post-WWII?

People used to pile pine branches against the sides of houses to 6-ft out come winter. The snow sealed the top and the foundation didn't get frost. Climate change has probably screwed that 2 or 3 decades ago.

Go look at sheet styrofoam, the R-factor beats fiberglass by about half, you'd notice even 1 or 2 inches of that. Some comes with foil on one side, that will reflect IR real nice.

I was going to buy you a lab triple output power supply, but you have no power so I guess you will have to buy yourself batteries instead, sorry.


My mistake, too late now though. :sob:

BTW, the power supply is now in stock. I just ordered one for myself ;D Comes from Florida, UPS ground.


apparently they only had one, they are out of stock again. not a bad price for those though.


They are in stock.
They just have not updated their web site.
Talk to Barbra at the toll free number.

I may get a couple of these to clutter up the work bench some more. http://www.mpja.com/0-30VDC-0-3A-Variable-Benchtop-Power-Supply/productinfo/29616+PS/

For another project, I needed a 24VAC supply - just dawned on me that I have a Variac! Got it to, uh, what's the word, bringing capacitors back that haven't been used in an old tube amp for while? Well, to do that, whatever it's called. Recondition? Doesn't look right.

12V less but $10 more? Seems odd. http://www.mpja.com/0-18VDC-0-3-A-Variable-Benchtop-Power-Supply/productinfo/29600+PS/

"Got it to, uh, what's the word, bringing capacitors back that haven't been used in an old tube amp for while"

Crappy old age :(


Reform, that's the word I wanted.

At least we got the letter 'R' really read get. ???

Damn iPad At least we got the letter 'R' right. ???