Power Line Communication and home automation

I'm interested to develop a communication system between Arduinos that uses the electric mains (220/50Hz AC). The idea is to implement a simple protocol to exchange data between micro with the goal to develop a home automation control-system that doesn't involve RF.

I've a knowledge of digital electronic, but this project involves analog and power electronic, then I've a lot of dubt.

I found several projects that involve various kind of IC (not a lot in truth) and some assembled objects managing eth-PLC (Ethernet Power Line Communication). Some of that should be applicable for my idea.

The protocol I would implement is very simple and doesn't require very high speed; although my goal would be to inject data at least at 1 Mb/s, also very low speed (such as standard RS232 speeds) might be interesting if this especially ensures a smaller and simpler hardware.

And so ... I would know if somebody in this forum had experience and/or has ideas and hints about this kind of projects.


Did you get anywhere with this? I'm keen on the same idea but (the same as you) have only found a few products and no open source plans.


Do you want to control the AC power via a network connection, or just to observe the states of relays? I'm not understanding what kind of data you want to see, or how you want to see it. More details?

I have not used such items but is something like this what your looking for? The other (more expensive) way is to buy Homeplug's and Ethernet shields.