Power loss running 5 Steppers

Hello, I am working on a project that consists of a Matrix Keypad and 5 stepper motors and I have discovered a power loss of some form when I alternate between motors. I am able to run a single motor for many rotations, however when I begin to run one after the other the rotations slow down and come to a grind rather quickly until I reset the Arduino board and then it works well again.

Any ideas on why the steppers would be having this power loss issue?

Way too weak power supply?

Any ideas on why the steppers would be having this power loss issue?

It's a bit difficult as you have given us no details about the exact stepper motors you are using, the stepper motor drivers you are using or the stepper motor power supply that you are using.


The power supply is ample I believe, 6V 4aH battery.

To elaborate further on the equipment:

Stepper Motors - 42SHDC3025-24B

L293D module mini motor drive shield expansion


and a 4x4 matrix keypad

I have 5 motors running through 5 mini motor drivers connected to an Arduino mega 2560.
Each mini motor driver is receiving power from the battery.

5V is to low, look at the datasheet of the driver. and is it fully charged?

5V is to low, look at the datasheet of the driver. and is it fully charged?

Brand new battery, perhaps I can charge it, or test the charge.
I did try it with a 12v battery and it seemed to run fairly well, I assumed it would be fine with a small battery as I am only running one stepper at a time.

Thank you for the help!

L293D module mini motor drive shield expansion

An L293D is not ideal for driving stepper motors whatever the marketing blurb may say. For one thing it has no ability to limit the current to protect the motor. If you feed 6v to a motor with a nominal voltage of 3.96v you are likely to see the smoke escape.

And stepper motors work better with higher voltages. use 12v or 18v if you can.

Get some A4988 or DRV8825 stepper motor drivers. They are widely available. The Pololu website has all the details.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

With modern steppers you cannot use motor shields to drive them, you have to use stepper drivers such as
the A4988 and DRV8825. This is because modern motors are low impedance that require current drive, not voltage drive.

12V supply at least is needed, higher will give more performance.

When posting details of hardware please provide URLs of datasheets or product pages, not just part numbers,
don't make us google stuff, its boring and risks finding the wrong version or 100 versions, often motors come
in many winding variants.

Thanks Everyone,

apologies for the lack of data and specifics regarding my equipment, I am very new to this, however I will take it all onboard and be a bit more organized for the next post.

I have a 12V battery and there is ample power getting through, I just may need to beef up my wiring to handle the draw however, the issue is fairly well solved!

Many thanks!