Power MKR 1000 with 9V battery


Is it possible to supply MKR 1000 with a 9V battery (like this one: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pile_9_volts)

I have read on official documentation: Board Power Supply (USB/VIN): 5V Does that mean we cannot supply with more than 5V max ?

But if you look in "ARDUINO IOT MKR1000 WIFI BUNDLE" product, you will see the product contains both a MKR1000 and a clip for 9v Battery.

So i am wondering if it possible to supply the MKR with a 9v battery....


Both USB and VIN are stated to not exceed 5V.

There are a large variety of things you could do to reduce 9V down to 5V.

I suspect the reason for the battery adaptor inclusion is that it would be the same components as used on the UNO starter kit etc.

Better safe than sorry so don't do it.

Thanks. 2 rechargeables AA battery should be enougth ?

That would be only just above 3 volts so should be OK.

Don't use the LIPO connector for those though stick to the VIN.

Many of the drones use LIPO packs so they are better and have the advantage that you can charge them whilst connected to the USB.

PS4 controllers also use LIPO so you can use those too.