Power Module


I found this power module for Arduino projects and I'm wondering what the point of it is.

Right now I just plug my 9V battery right into my breadboard, or plug the Arduino into my computer.

What would the benefits of having this power module be? Does it provide anything extra for my projects? I see that it has some jumpers and a switch of some kind, so I'm wondering if it does more than just provide power.


Hi, this module is designed to go on the protoboard and supply 5V ans 3.3V regulated for various sensors that you may want to connect to the arduino.
It allows the arduino to use its own regulator for its own use, and have a separate powersupply for accessories.
The 5V output of the arduino is not able to power much external components.

Tom..... :slight_smile:

So if I'm understanding correctly, it just provides extra power, because the Arduino may not have enough power to run all of the sensors or other things that you have hooked up to it?

Using this module, I could power the components on the breadboard without using the Arduino's power pins.

Hi, exactly.

Tom… 8)