Power Moniter

Hi, I'm brand new to arduino, but I have an idea for a power monitoring system involving a Power Tail Switch and a wifi module, and I was wondering if this project is safe to make, as in I'm not going to get electrocuted. Thanks in advance


Do you have a design in mind?


Anything that involves connecting electronics or low voltage circuits to mains voltages is potentially (sorry!) dangerous. To be done safely, you need to provide complete isolation and eliminate all the failure modes that could compromise the isolation. In practical terms, if you aren't already experienced or trained to design that sort of thing, it's best not to tackle it yourself. If you make a mistake it may not be at all obvious to you, but you could end up killing yourself or somebody else. There are commercial products available to switch mains voltages from a low voltage control signal, and the Power Tail Switch you mention is one. If you use this then this avoids all the issues of dealing with high voltages.

Thanks for the advice PeterH, and Geoff, my design hasn't been fully worked out because I was trying to determine the safety of it, but the Power Tail has a built into port for Arduino, so I can basically just plug it in. (Or am I missing something)