Power ON motor using digital pins

As I read here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/DigitalPins , I can not configure digital pin as OUTPUT and then run a motor with this digital pin because of current problems.
How can I make the motor run in my order (with digital pin)?
Thanks a lot.

How can I ... make the motor run in my order (with digital pin)?

With a transistor, something like this.

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I do have transistor but the guy in the tutorial did that with special shield that I do not have.
More answers?

What special shield? It’s just a transistor whose base is connected to a digital pin.

Pretty much any small DC motor control comes down to what jimboZA said. A transistor ! Whether it goes one direction (1 transistor minimum) reversible (4+ transistors) , brushless (6+ transistors). They will mostly all use transistors to switch a large current with a small one.

Try out that tutorial example. To make a motor turn one direction you just need one transistor a diode and a resistor.

There's no special shield needed but in the tutorial he is using a "solderless breadboard" to make the circuit construction simple. If you are just getting into basic circuitry probably not a bad idea to get one.

Thank you all!!
it’s worked thanks to: Breadboard Layout | Arduino Lesson 13. DC Motors | Adafruit Learning System

The tutorial I linked to is essentially the same, but is wiser in general since it uses a power supply for the motor other than from the Arduino. That's why I liked to it and not adafruit in the first place.

Hope you used a diode as shown in both tutorials.

Still not sure what you meant by "special shield".