Power on/off switch for board

I've had a little bit of experience programming before, but I don't have any experience with arduino and I've been assigned a project at work using one.

Basically, the arduino board will be inside of a custom-built remote control. Right now, my biggest problem is how to power the board on and off with a physical switch. I've been looking into a rocker switch, but I don't know how the switch could actually cut the power to the board.

Any help would be much appreciated

This should be pretty basic. You can look at the first picture on this webpage:
The LED in the picture is powered by a battery and has an on/off switch. If you replace the LED with arduino power jack or vin and gnd pins on the board, you can power arduino on and off.

Don’t look at the rest of the pictures. I suspect they’re wrong.


First I have a few questions: Which arduino board are you using? What is supplying power to this arduino? Does it need the ability to be shut off independent of the 'remote control' or is the whole project getting turned off?

I am assuming that this whole 'custom-built remote control' will be self contained and therefor the arduino will be running off batteries. I'd say put the switch between the positive side of your batteries(or supply) and the positive side of the arduino. Complements of microsoft paint. ;)

We would need more details otherwise...