Power over USB issue


What program? What do you have plugged in and how? How do you know it stops after 1/2 a second?


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Also, please provide a wiring diagram with ALL connections; a photo of a hand-drawn one is fine.

it will run but I have to switch back and forth to trouble shoot.

No you don’t. Mega is quite happy to run with both USB and external power connected at once. It then just takes its power from where it gets it easiest - (or maybe both)…

I submit no code, no wiring diagram, etc., is needed. It is simply a matter of the USB port on the PC not being up to the job. USB should be good for 500mA, but there is no guarantee. I had myself tearing my hair out with a similar issue, and the Arduino “problem” was a in fact new motherboard in the PC.

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