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Hey at all,
iam building a sensor device with a couple of different functions. For example pressure sensor, pump, temperature sensor and and and. While creating this device I was focused on a very compact design. In the end I ended up with a lot of tiny elements, but all need different volltages.
This ranges from -5V to 5V
My question is ... what is the nicest way to solve my problem without having alot of different power supply plugs?
Is it possible to use only one 230V source and and supply all other sensor from the same source. Maybe with DC/DC convertern or potential divider?
Last but not least i think i gonna need a second source for -5V to 5V ? Or is there any other way ?
Thank for your help in advance

First of all you should have galvanic isolation between the 230V and the rest of the voltages. This can be accomplished by either a traditional transformer or a switching power supply. A pc power supply has output voltages of

  • 3,3V (orange)
  • +/- 5V (red/white)
  • +/-12V (yellow/blue)

If you have a salvaged one this will work fine. Most of them have standby power and remote start, these are activated by shortly grounding the PS#On wire (green)

Another way is getting a multi winding transformer and rectify and regulate the voltages separately.You can get the negative voltages by using a dual half-wave rectifier with appropriate caps or use a voltage inverter.

Hi, how much current do you need for each power rail, and what are they powering.
A table of load and voltage and current will help you and us to work out your best angle of attack.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

How “compact” do you need the solution? Generating 240v from a button battery is a tad unrealistic.

It´s not that tiny as i prented it :wink: we are talking about a box of 10cm-10cm-20cm. My idea is just to keep the number of cable connections as low as possible !
thanks so far

Hi, please read post #2.
Thanks.... Tom.... :slight_smile: