Power pump/regulator


I would like to power my arduino with a cell phone battery, which put out 3.6v, I have been trying to figre out how to get 3.6v to supply 5v required by arduino, I have found the following power pump:

ST619LBN DC-DC converter regulated 5v charge pump. Link to mouser: http://www.mouser.com/search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=ST619LBNvirtualkey51120000virtualkey511-ST619LBN

I was just wondering is will this work, is it possible? Any comments appreciated!

I'm not sure the 120mA max output current of this device is enough for the Arduino. It certainly wouldn't power much of anything in addition to the arduino. I would measure the current draw of the actual circuit (arduino + whatever extras you have connected to it) before I chose a power supply IC that's this small, just to make sure it has enough capacity.

There are similar devices that will provide more current. You're on the right track, just keep looking.


Doesnt USB only supply 100mA?

USB supplies something like 100mA without negotiation, but the device can negotiate for up to 500mA. I believe the Arduino's FTDI chip is capable of handling that negoaiation, as one ofthe parameters in the FTDI chip's setup is the amount of current requested.


Thanks, ill measure the draw once I have everything completed, I hope my multimeter has this function!

Thanks again.