Power Question

I am building a system that uses a hacked inkjet printer and an Arduino plus various motors... etc.
With all these different components, I seem to be lost in terms of how to supply power to everything.
I will be plugging this system into the wall.
From the AC signal from the wall, should I run (split) it to two different wires and have one go to the printer and the other go to an AC to DC voltage regulator to power everything else?
What are the effects of splitting an AC signal from the wall to two different wires?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

AC mains power is being split all over your house. No problem there.

Lol DUH! :stuck_out_tongue: Gosh... I'm up too late. Thanks HAHAHA

Before someone gets hurt or a fire is unintentionally started, some things need to be very clear. What do you mean by

AC signal

? By

(split) it to two different wires

do you mean the two wires to be power and neutral? - Scotty