Power Recommendations - Uno w/ WS2812B LED's

Hi, new to the forum and this is my first project with Arduino. I'm looking for recommendations on how to calculate the requirements of my little LED project.

I have a Uno powering 32 WS2812B LED's. I've programmed the LED animation to a classic 2 "On" 2 "Off" chase for a carnival style sign I've made. I understand the LED color plays a big part in the overall power usage. The LED light color is a few shades off white.

If I'm running 32 LED's and a UNO, how can I calculate the usage per hour? I'm looking to set this up so that it runs for 5 hours from an independent battery.

Thanks in advance.

WS2812B power consumption

Measure your maximum current draw, use this figure as worst case in your battery life calculation.