Power saving SD module? (Overheating in the LC Studio shield)

Hello there!

I've been using an LC Studio (www.lcsoft.net) SD shield for datalogging in my project, however it seems to me that it consumes way too much energy and uses it up on heating itself. It's essential that my project work for a long time with limited power supply, so I was wondering if there are other, more efficient SD modules that would not waste energy heating. Can you recommend any?

For the record - although I do have some issues with the shield's pins staying connected to the cables, other than the heating problem the shield works just fine and suits my purposes (data does log on the SD card, what's more to ask of an SD shield).

A link to the SPECIFIC device you have might get you some answers. A link to the base site will not.

The trick is that it's some Chinese stuff with no name and no specs. Still, there's the link: http://www.lctech-inc.com/Hardware/Detail.aspx?id=0c3b6f7a-d101-4a60-8b56-3abfb7fd818d .

Anyway, I was rather counting on some recommandations of other modules from different producers which don't have such problems.

SD power usage depends on the SD card, the SD module, and the SD library.

Most modern SD cards are capable of going into a very low power idle mode.

The LC studio module uses lots of power since it doesn’t have level shifters so it tries to apply 5 V signals to the card which expects 3.3 V signals. You should use a module with IC level shifters.

The SD.h library has bugs that prevents cards from going into low power mode. I am the author of SdFat. An old buggy version of SdFat is used in SD.h. I corrected the problem in newer versions of SdFat.

I did a test using the Adafruit microSD module. see my posts in this topic http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=149504.0.

Modern SD cards draw 0.15 ma or less in a good shield/module when idle.