Power source


I've just bought a Arduino Duemilanove Board, and was woundering what I should power the Board with.'

Untill now I've used my USB, but I'm not sure, if I could burn the board for my use. (Currently 3x 10mm UltraWhite led's that pulls 20mA each)

I'm have a 12Vdc 1000mA power supply, that makes the Arduino run. The max voltage is 12V, right? What about the Amp's?

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12V should be ok if you just need a few mA. The maximum current rating of your power supply is quite irrelevant, as long as it is high enough. It doesn't matter at all if it is 1000mA or 10A if you just need 100mA for a LED. The limiting factor here is the power turned into heat inside the voltage regulator. In your case that is just (12V-5V)*current. If that is too high the regulator will get painfully hot when you touch it. Just like with a processor in a PC, getting too hot is another nail for its coffin.


Thx :D

It should be fine to run it with a 12Vdc supply, if possible try to get an adjustable one that can go lower to keep the losses in the regulator as low as possible. But driving 3 LED should be fine.

The 1000mA rating means that your supply can deliver up to 1000mA before either a fuse blows inside the supply, or it shuts down or it blows up all depending upon the design of your supply.

With only 60mA plus the current drawn by the other components on the board you have more than enough room to play with.

You could even hook up another 6 or 7 Diecimilias each running 3 super bright LEDs to that supply if you have that many Arduinos lying around. ;D

Ok :smiley: Thx for the answer :smiley:

I found a new power supply, running 9Vdc 200mA so it’s fine for my use ;D;)