power supply choice for Geiger counter

hello I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me.
I am working on an Geiger counter and have got most of the electronics done. the last thing I need to get is the power supply. I would not like to assemble one due to the high voltage and I do not want to wait an month for one to arrive of of eBay. I have found an couple of power supply’s of of amazon and was wondering if anyone would know if they would work to drive my geiger tube my geiger tube is this


and I found the following power supply that are close and I was wondering if any of them would be suitable for my task

thanks in advance

What data do those links provide regarding input/output voltages and currents?

What data do those links provide regarding input/output voltages and currents?

None of those are suitable. You need a well regulated ~400V, low current power supply for that tube.

Google "geiger tube power supply" for several leads.

If you want batteries to last, buy an efficient, very high quality module like this one. That power supply, the tube and an Arduino is all you need to make a complete Geiger counter. I have a couple of these. They are very well designed and constructed.

Note that the Geiger tube you linked is intended only for high (dangerous) levels of radiation. It will not respond to natural background radiation, or weakly radioactive materials.

I looked at the info that the seller provided and both of the power supply native are outside of the operating voltage (one of them is too and one is too high) and originally I was wondering if anyone had any luck in modifying one of thees or if they had added an voltage or if I could ad an voltage doubler to the one that was two low but I realized that I would have better luck with using an gmc 3500 e Geiger counter from amazon (I chose this one over the power supply that was suggested because my project is an for an physics assignment and is extremely time sensitive) and taking away the power supply and the counter point (5v logic point that tells the micro controller when an count is registered) and integrating it into my project. I did not originally want to do this due to the cost but it is better to pay an small price than pay the big one.

thanks to everyone for helping me out.