power supply compatibility


Provided that I inverse the polarity of the output, is it ok to use this (cf picture) power supply with the arduino uno ?
I’m not sure I understand the requirement ‘DC’, so I prefer to ask.

Thanks for your help,


Put a meter on it with a 1K resistor from output to Gnd. Measure the output with a multimeter. What is the DC reading? What is the AC reading?

If the DC is 9.5V and the AC is very small, like 100mV, you should be okay.

Thank you CrossRoads for the quick answer.

DC reading is 9.5V

But AC reading is, strangely, 20V (multimeter red pin on +, black on -) or 0V (red on -, black on +).
Does it make sense ?
The multimeter is an analog multimeter.

Should I use this power supply ?

I would not.