Power supply data telemetry - suggestions?

Hi all,

I have a home built high power (13.8V, 40A) DC power supply that I want to send telemetry from. I want to be able to remotely (say within 100 feet) read real time voltage, current and temperature from 4 different locations.

The data will be acquired inside the supply using probably an Arduino UNO and I want to send it out to be received by another Arduino driving an LCD display.

I successfully built a prototype infrared serial link (sending 40 kHz pulses of regular RS-232 data, picked up by a standard TSOP type IR remote receiver) but due to the limitations of the IR receiver, the best speed I can get is 2400 baud. And, of course, it only works line-of-sight.

I've been thinking of using a pair of those 433 MHz little radio transceiver boards (HC12 type I think?) such as THIS.

Are those as easy as powering up and pumping RS-232 into one and getting RS-232 out of the other? And is there a practical speed limit? (Would like 115200 baud, MINIMUM 9600 baud).

Or is there another way?

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Put this in Google: 433Mhz SI4463 arduino

And you get, for example, this: