Power Supply Diagram

Yes I have realised that now :speak_no_evil:

Its connecting OK, and I can see the connection in AWS when just connected via 5V. My message isnt being published but that's probably a problem with the payload.

Need a better USB cable then it seems.

Thanks again

Believe it or not, I am using a bunch of Dollar Store USB cables on my bench. (Not the ones with an LED in them- that only consumes precious milliamps.) I use an Inland powered hub with a 2 Amp wall wart, and I am currently running five Wemos D1 Mini's, an Uno and a NodeMCU. All at the same time. (Only three are connected to WiFi.)

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I am about ready to give up on this. I ordered a powered USB hub. 5V 3A output. Connect the Wemos to that. It doesnt work, back to where I was with the other boards where it just bombs out with Exception(0) when trying to connect to WiFi. If I leave it plugged into the USB hub, but remove the power supply to the hub. It connects to the WIFi but then crashes connecting to MQTT.

Only way it works fully is when connected to a 5V supply via the pins. Which is fine, except I cant write to the serial output to see why the message publish isnt working.