Power supply doubt

I have an arudino development board and on that a l293d motor shield and on it I want to run three motors and two servos
, but to power it I want to use a Phone power bank which can provide 5 volt output and a high current output and want to use the same power bank ,to power the aurdino through its Jack and the motor separately by stripping usb wires because I don't want to use 18650 cell or any other means of hassle to 2 DC separate power supplies.

will the voltage and current be enough or do I need to provide a separate high voltage to the motor shield to make these motors run .please help the quick replies will be useful. thank you

If you only supply 5V to the L298 the motors will probably see less than 3V of that. Not many motors will run well on under 3V but you didn’t say what motors you’re using so who knows?

And if you’re supplying 5V to the Arduino it can’t be through the jack it should be to the 5V pin.


to the L298

It's a 293 actually, but same problem.

a l293d motor shield

check the link to see the motors and servos i have

motor -https://robu.in/product/square-gear-box-motor-100rpm/?gclid=CjwKCAjwm-fkBRBBEiwA966fZIUMojbMx_FOOrtt3BIowompjJyxJbl_ipf6TVxsFnsn-PlHZ4QkMRoCfsUQAvD_BwE

servo - https://robu.in/product/towerpro-mg995-metal-gear-servo-motor/?gclid=CjwKCAjwm-fkBRBBEiwA966fZH4M7UcT2ZNGWXxMbA6DMPhjRU-HiLbA3FYkGQTOoopHFLkHRDyqbBoC39gQAvD_BwE

pls reply if the supplied voltage is enough or else the solution.thx

do I need to provide a separate high voltage to the motor shield

Yes, 12 to 16V.

The ancient, inefficient L293D is a poor choice of motor driver. Pololu has much better ones.