Power supply for 4xTP4056 module


I would like to charge 4x18650-battery using 4xTP4056-module,
and I am not sure about the voltage/current of the power supply.

What input voltage and current should I provide?

This is my wiring:


The boards shown have a USB connector on them, so it would be reasonable to assume they are expecting a 5V supply.

What have you measured the charge current of each board as ?

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I didn't measure it,
but here is the specification of one TP4056 module:

Input voltage- 4.5V-5.5V
current: 1A

Charge current for those modules is set to 1Amp with an onboard resistor (see the TP4056 datasheet). Silly if you ask me, because of the 0.5A limitation of most basic PC/laptop USB sockets.

They should therefore only be used with a cellphone/tablet charger that can provide at least 1A.

So you should use a 5volt supply with a minimum current capability of 4Amp for four modules at the same time.

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