Power Supply? For 6v DC motors, Arduino Nano, IR Sensor.

Hi there,

Please excuse me, I'm new to electronics. I need some help for the power supply of my Arduino Powered truck. I'm using the following...

1.) 2 x 6volt DC Motor Model: N20 Metal Gear Motor.
2.) Arduino Nano 3.0
3.) Sharp IR Sensor.
4.) Bluetooth Module.
5.) L293D Driver for Motors

I'm planning to keep everything compact under 10cm length, as that is the main mission. So I thought about using a single 18650 Lion 3.72V (2800mAh) Cell to power all these using a XL6009 Boost Converter.
Convert the voltage from 3.7 to 6V.

I didn't buy the cell yet. So I'm asking.. If this is possible to power all of them under single cell ?

Kindly help me with your inputs. Thank you.

Look at pololu.com for motor driver vs L293D, which has a lot of voltage drop across its output. A MOSFET output based part will have much less (and also run much cooler), leaving more voltage for your motors. Can look at switching regulators as well for options.
Bluetooth modules can be power hungry - check yours, see if the 5V, 500mA regulator on the Nano or the 3.3V, 50mA from the FTDI chip will be enough. If not, you may need some additional regulation.
According to Figure 3 on page 12 here, with 6V Vin to the Nano's 5v regulator the output will be 4.6V down to around 4.2V depending on load.

can you suggest me one from ebay or aliexpress ? Sorry, I didn't mention that I'm looking to make this cost effective as much as possible. Also you didn't mention anything about the 18650 cell. are they good enough to power all these ?

I don't mind the duration. I can live with it if it runs upto 20-30mins max.

thought it'd be worth to mention, I've also found 3000mAh version of same 3.7v cell.

The bluetooth module is HC-05 and it requires 3V which can be powered via nano ?

No, I don't shop those locations.
HC-05 - 3V, how much current? Nano's FT232 chip puts out 3.3V, up to 50mA.

I'm not sure about that. It didn't mention the amps but just 3.3v to 5v.

As for the driver, If L293D is not good. Then how about L298N ?

L9110S driver will work ? like this one...


or how about boosting the volt to 9V to balance the dropout voltage, so I can get constant 6V for the dc motors through L293D driver using single cell 18650 with boost converter from 3.72 to 9V

  • 18650 cell ? Can you help me with that ? is that single cell sufficient to power all the above I mentioned ?