power supply for arduino help

Right now iam using 9V 500mah dc power adapter

and i connected with 2DS18B20 temp sensor with 4.7k resistor and 2DHT11 sensor also with one 4.7k resistor

and i planned to add one BMP180 sensor will ask these work with 9V 500mah dc power adapter ? or can increase it to 1amp

and iam new to arduino

thanks :slight_smile:


In theory you could use a power supply able to just handle the amount of current your project uses, but it's safer (heat) to use one that can handle at least twice the amount.

Whether the supply can handle twice the amount of current or ten times, doesn't matter, the amount drawn by your project is important.

You can check the maximum amount of current flowing using a multimeter or get an estimate by checking datasheets/info of each component.

I haven't checked the amount of current you could expect, but it would surprise me if it is more as 100 mAh, looking at the components you're using.