Power Supply for Bipolar Stepper Motors

Hello. So I need to order a power supply for my project, the issue I'm running into is amps. So I am using a breadboard (1 amp rating), two bipolar Nema 23's (3V 2.3A), and 2 TB6612FNG. My original plan was to just hook a power supply to the breadboard, but this seems less and less like it will work and more like a melted breadboard.

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it makes no sense to route high currents through a breadboard.

Anyway you cant connect a surface mount TB6612FNG to a breadboard - so I'm guessing you are using a module?

I'd suggest you invest in some headers and prototyping board and build your circuit on that.


I'm on a project with pretty limited budget, and we had 6 breadboards. My guidance was "Ah, you have 6 so if three melt, you'll be fine". I'll see if I can find a prototyping board hanging about, I am using a TB6612FNG with headers. Luckily right now I'm working on just testing baseline code and motor function, so amperage and voltage hasn't been a huge concern, but it will become a problem as the project comes together. Thank you for your advice.

If you take some 14ga solid copper wore you can bend it to follow the holes and it carries way more current

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