Power supply for module SIM800L

Hello everyone.

Recently, I'm working on a project about module SIM800L. But I got some serious trouble to get
electromagnetic waves.

I use a Li-po battery. In my house, it only needs 3.8V to get 24-25 but in other places the led blink 7 times after 3 seconds, it's mean that the module can't get signal. But I accidentally connect the power supply from the laptop -> Arduino -> SIM800L and it's work. But the voltage is 4.8V while the operating voltage of the chip is from 3.4V to 4.4V.

So I wonder if I can use 4.8V to supply for SIM800L without receiving any damage to my circuit?

Sorry for my English, it's not my nature language.

It sounds like you got away with it briefly, but I would not exceed what the manufacturer tells you on a permanent basis.

From a bit of reading about that module I see that it can pull a lot of current - maybe you're getting a voltage drop when it does and need a bigger LiPo.

I also read this on StackExchange:

I added a 1uF and a 22uF electrolytic close to the module and it now works reliably. Then I checked the datasheet, it recommends 10uF, 33pF and 10pF close to the module (these may be on the PCB in the stock image)