Power Supply for Multiple Actuators?


I’m looking for some help in choosing a power supply for my motion system. I currently have everything running off bench top power supplies and it involves a lot of turning of knobs but it’s now time to install my system in a housing with a dedicated power supply.

Here is everything that will be powered:

Stepper motor 1 at 1.5A 18V
Stepper motor 2 at 1.5A 18V
Stepper motor 3 at 0.6A 30V
Servomotor at 0.2A 6V
Arduino Mega at 5V
and a few hall effect sensors running off the Arduino power.

All of the steppers are driven by big easy drivers.

I’m a bit lost with what i should even be searching for to find something that can do this? Any suggestions or help will be appreciated!

That sounds like three separate power supplies to me. You definitely need the Arduino on its own power supply. You can use the Arduino's 5v onboard pin to power the servo and hall sensors. The two 18v stepper motors can share a power supply like this, and the 30v I would also put on another power supply, otherwise you'll have to deal with heat from stepping down a larger power supply to 30 and 18 volts.

Perhaps I would be best off running the 30V stepper off 18V or replacing it with one that gives me the torque i need at 18V.

Is there such a thing as a power supply which outputs both 18V and 5V i wonder?

Are you talking about a low-impedance 1.5A bipolar stepper? That won't need 1.5A at the supply
voltage, stepper drivers output more current to the motor than they pull from the supply...

Run all your stepper drivers at 30V(*), DC-DC convert down to 6V for the servo. Your servo will need
a lot more than 0.2A, trust me. Budget at least 1A.

The Arduino won't like the 6V though, which is slightly problematic, its too high for 5V and too
low for Vin.

(*) remember stepper drivers automatically power-convert from whatever supply voltage you
give them, so long as its not too small and below the max operating voltage.