Power Supply for NRF24LO1 and 4 servos

My friends and I are building a plane using a ps4 controller. We have 4 servos and an NRF receiver attached to my uno which is all powered by a 7.4V 21000 mah battery, connected to a power supply module that outputs 5 volts. This setup, although it powers all the modules, does not respond correctly to the nrf24lo1 transmitter data and is sometimes causes random movement compared to when it's connected to the computer. How should I supply the power so that the nrf24lo1 works?

You need to supply the correct power(voltage and amperage) to the nrf24L01. I am sure you have the specifications.

The nrf24l01 needs at least a 10uF capacitor across the power pins to reduce noise. I would also add a input capacitor of 10uF or higher across the main power pins (+5V and GND).

I actually got all the power to work. I have the 5v regulator chip. But I was wondering can the Arduino have multiple power sources connected, for example in my case, one in the 10v in the barrel jack and one a 5v power supply in the Vin pin?

No. Do not connect different power supplies to Vin and the power jack. They both go to the on board 5V regulator. Vin goes straight to the regulator and the power jack goes to the regulator through a diode. The best way to power the Uno is with a well regulated 5V supply, that can supply the current required by the circuit, through the 5V pin. That bypasses the weak on board 5V regulator.

The NRF24L01 needs 3.3V. The suggestion of putting a 10uF cap across the rf24 supply (as close as possible to the radio module) is a good one. The radios, when transmitting, can pull more current than the on board 3.3V regulator can supply by itself.

I am not sure of the NRF24L01 you are using but the ones I have require 3.3V and at best are dodgy on the Arduino 3.3V source. You and your friends might spend a few hours reading the data sheets for the parts you chose. Posting a schematic, not a frizzy thing would be a big help!

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