Power Supply for Photobioreactor

Good Afternoon,
I'm currently developing an Arduino-based Photobioreactor and I will be utilizing 2 MQ-135 gas sensors, 1 ds18b20 temperature sensor, 1 DFrobot pH sensor, and a BH1750 Light intensity Sensor. What DC power supply is recommended to run all of these sensors plus an i2c LCD module?

What is the current draw of this setup?
If you don't know, measure it, or read the datasheets for MAXIMUM current draw of each device and base your choice on that.

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Use a 5V DC supply that can deliver sufficient current.

I'm guessing that old phone charger you have in your drawer will do just fine. Those things can typically do 700-2000 mA, check the rating as printed on it. Chances are you can not only run all your sensors off of it, but also the Arduino itself! (powered through the 5V pin of course, that's what it is for).

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