power supply for sensor i/o board

Hi, I am just wondering, what sort of power supply should I get for the following sensor i/o expansion board? I can't find good enough specs on this board that tells me the rating of the 5v dc power wire terminal on the board, I am wanting to know what I could put on it without frying the board? http://dx.com/p/mega-io-sensor-expansion-shield-board-for-arduino-mega-v1-2-132323

cheers, Ryan

how about this one? http://dx.com/p/5v-2a-regulated-switching-power-supply-110-220v-94518

Is 2 amps too much? Can I go with bigger?

Power requirements depend on the use of it. The board itself cannot consume much. A 2A supply will probably cover most uses except possible for motors & servos. A 5V supply cannot harm a 5V board. The amperage is irrelevant. The board draws current from the supply as needed. The rating refers to the maximum current the supply can provide without problems.

A 5V 100 amp supply is OK but pointless.

ok thought so, just making sure so that I do not fry anything.

thank you :)