Power supply for TMC2208 Driver with NEMA17 Stepper

Hello, thanks for taking time to help me.

I have a NEMA17 stepper motor that I wish to drive using a TMC2208.

TMC2208 suppports up to 36[V] power supply for motor power supply, however most connection diagrams for the TMC2208 and all connection diagrams for TMC2208 with a NEMA17 show a 12[V] power suplly being used.

I have a 24[V] power supply at hand , and while the TMC2208 supports up to 36[V], I'm paranoid about using anything else than 12[V] since diagrams seem to use only 12[V].

Can I use a 24[V] power supply to drive my NEMA17 Stepper? Are there any special precautions I should take?

Thanks again.

Yes, You can safely use the 24 volt power supply. Remember to set the current level according to the data spec of the stepper. Else the stepper might get overheated.

Hi @uniqueone
The NEMA 17 specification refers to the motors mechanical specifications.
NEMA 17 motors can have several different current draw specifications.
You inform that your source is 24V, but you do not inform what current in A it can supply.

RV Mineirin

Your TMC2208 module will have a/some electrolytic cap(s) on the main supply - check
what their voltage rating is - if > 25V, you'll be fine. If 25V make sure your supply actually is 24V - for instance a 24V lead-acid battery will max at 28V after a fresh charge so would not be suitable.

Hopefully the module you have has 40V+ rated caps and you're good. With 24V you'll get
higher top speed and somewhat more torque at speed than with 12V.

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