power supply issue

my mega 2560 had ceased from receiving power from a USB cable, but still works with a DC jack. anyone encountered this before?

Cable gone bad? Has happened often.

well its got to happen if im going to get good with inductors its my fault its dead i know that much about the problem haha im just disappointed that the first one ive blown had to be my fav with the 50 odd pins i was enjoying learning how to implement CMOS ill see if it works when i use my ICSP programmer to upload sketches and a DC jack to power the board otherwise i guess its down to jay car and get another uno or two. is it just me or is the uno show alot more durability?

where can i buy the screw in shields for the mega? im a huge fan of screw in connectors

This one?
You contact me. We sell them as kits or assembled boards.
cost + postage + paypal fee are as described on my wiebsite.