Power Supply Issue..

Sorry, this should be a really quick, minor league question. Say I've converted a pc power supply into a lab power supply, and I have a +5v line that gives out 5 volts and up to 20 amps or so (theoretically). If I were to plug that into my microcontroller, would it be damaged?

I ask this question concerning the amperage. Is the amperage drawn out by the microcontroller or forced into it?

I'm actually trying to run a motor driver and stepper motor off of the power supply. I think the amperage would be drawn out, otherwise it would damage everything in the pc is would have been connected in, no?

thanks in advance!

It's drawn out.

Your power supply is capable of providing 20 amps, but the arduino is never gonna ask for that.


In what possible way is this software -> troubleshooting :o

like EriSan500 said. But do watch out for shorts. A short will make a (not so) nice flash with 20 amps.


Woah, completely wrong forum haha. Thanks for the quick help.