Power supply project with Nextion

Hello Perry, i'm trying to do one Power Supply project. I would like to read and send to Nextion display the current (from ACS512 current sensor ) and voltage (from divider R). Can you please advise simple code without going with Nextion Lib? i am using arduino nano with single serial port and Nextion 5" Voltage measurement sent to Arduino A0 pin Current measurement sent to Arduino A1 pin. Basic Simple .ino code would be appreciated.

Thanks Karlit

Hello Karlit,

That's not how it works here. The idea is you do the various tutorials and learn about Arduino. If you get stuck you can come to the forum and ask for help. Just asking us to write for you will not get you any where. Also, you posted this at the end of my tutorial, what part of this did you not understand?:

If you have a question about YOUR PROJECT that happens to include a Nextion display then read 'how to use this forum - please read', choose a suitable forum and post a new question there.

If you do want someone to write your code for you please ask a moderator to move this to 'gigs and collaborations' and indicate how much you are willing to pay.

My suggestion would for you to get the Arduino cookbook by Michael Margolis and read it. Also on line there are many videos etc showing the Arduino and how to do what you want. This additional information will go a long way in getting your problem solved. Once you get past this you then need to select your sensors and actuators. At that point you start on the hardware design and write your software.