Power Supply Question

Hi All, I want to keep this short and concise so I've only included what seems relevant, if there is other information needed I will gladly supply. I appreciate any advice!

I have a project which requires three voltages outside of the Arduinos output.

  1. Arduino Uno input requiring 7v
  2. Servo Motor requiring 7v
  3. Stepper Motor requiring 12v

I plan to use a 24v 10A power supply. Currently I have the whole thing running on 3 different power supplies just to get everything working, but do not want to have to use 3 outlets to run the project in its final form. I am now at the point that it is time to polish up the wiring and assemble it in its final form. I have two questions I was hoping for input on;

-What is the best way to step down the power into a 7v circuit and another 12v circuit from the same power supply? I have searched around but haven't fully grasped the concept

-Would it be best to purchase a different power supply with an output of 12v?

Look at the ‘Buck Converters’ on eBay and Amazon.

Another name being DC-DC converter. And while you're at it look into making the power input to the Uno 5V instead of using 7V and the feeble internal regulator to create the 5V it actually needs.


... and another 12v circuit from the same power supply ...

Why? And if it's really needed, does it need to be isolated (i.e. floating with respect to the other supplies)?


I plan to use a 24v 10A power supply.

A 12V supply will simplify your needs then you just need two DC-DC converters, one for 5V and the other for the 7V for the servo.

What is your project that needs 10A?
We need more information about your application.

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

Power the stepper directly from 24V, much better performance.

(I assume you use a stepper driver like a DRV8825 for this).