Power supply question.

Hey guys I want to know if I can use this $7dollars power supply kit http://www.vakits.com/images/P15/tn_FPS-B1.JPG to power a led strip instead of this other one.http://www.adafruit.com/products/352which is $25 dollars. Is there something else out there?.

Question is how much currents does the strip draw and how much can these PS deliver. Check the specs ...

12V 5A seems quite a lot but I don't know anything about the LEDstrip ...

Be aware, that link you posted to supply kit shows not power supply, rather just filters caps with regulator? and definitely not capable to delivery 5A.
Look at the spec of LEDS, how much current they need( you can calculate approximately by number of led x 20 ma , if value too big, divide by 3 - for 12V leds connected in series gpoups)

Well I Think you are right is not going to be capable to deliver 5A, I will be using 2 meters of this RGB LED Weatherproof flexi-strip 60 LED/m : ID 346 : $125.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits which it says that it can be use with
9v or 12v if I want the strip to be a little bit brighter.
Maximum 12V @ 60mA draw per strip segment
Max 1.2 Amps per meter (all LEDs lit full brightness).
So it will be 2.4 amps if I use 2 meters.

Now If I'm right this kit is 1amp but I'm not sure. http://www.vakits.com/product_info.php?cPath=44&products_id=1309

There is no transformer included in the kit, and no heatthick.
Look for regulated power supply, or take +12V from your computer :slight_smile:

Now If I'm right this kit is 1amp but I'm not sure. http://www.vakits.com/product_info.php?cPath=44&products_id=1309

Yes, any PS based on a single 78xx type regulator is going to have a 1 amp max current rating, and that is only if you are not trying to drop too much voltage across the regulator and heatsink the device. I usually spec my power supplies to 200% of the load's maximum requirement, unless it's a very high current supply where that might have too high a cost factor.


Will this work?
I really need something small like this to feed my led strip.
but this one is too expensive

???? I didn't get it, you don't want to buy small nice power supply from 12V 5A switching power supply : ID 352 : $24.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits for $25, and looking at this bulky (hey, from 70-th) for $57?
What is it , personal?
BTW, something wrong with information on this web-page, I don't trust 5A, most likely they lost a preceding zero and coma - 0.5 A

What is it , personal?

No, you are right I'm going to buy the one from adafruit, I would like to know now if I can make some modifications to this power supply so I can get 9V to the arduino uno also.

Hmm, arduino would be o'k with 12 V if there is nothing else connected to it's +5V line
I was running on 16V my Uno for half a day, and no sweat

Ok, I'll try that