Power supply

Hi there,
I am currently trying to cheaply build a robot that will have to power the following:

2x 12 v Window motors (the kind that lifts your car window) http://www.robotmarketplace.com/products/AME-210-1009.html
2x windshield wiper motors http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Comp/comp.robotics.misc/2007-07/msg00091.html
4x 5v servos 120G EXI Servo w/ Continuous Rotation B1226 (Great for RC Boats) EXI-Servo-B1226

5v ip camera http://foscam.us/products/foscam-fi8910w-wireless-ip-camera.html
12v router
plus an arduino uno ethernet with 2 motor controllers
All in a small package with at least 10 minutes of battery life, hopefully more

Thing is, i have no idea how to power all these things. What kind of battery/power supply do i need? Oh, also, I intend to have it be able to drive into a docking station to charge itself.

Well a powerful 12V battery would do those motors (or even a 3S LiPo pack, which is nominally 11.1V). If its capable of sourcing enough current so it never overloads then you can run some 5V regulators from it too to give the servo and Arduino supplies. I'd suggest separating the servo and Arduino supplies as servos can pull brief large currents and pull-down the supply.

If you use a (brushed) RC motor-controller(s) it(they) will typically have a 5 or 6V output for powering servos too, and be quite compact. RC motor controllers for RC cars/trucks with brushed motors are the ones to go for as they have a reverse capability.

Alternatively some motor shield or motor driver board for you motors from the 12V supply.

You'll have to work out how much current your setup is going to use (both average and peak) to start selecting power sources.
Fitting a fuse in the battery line is a good idea